Spider veins usually appear on the legs and are cosmetically unappealing. They are usually fine red, blue or purplish hair-like structures lying close to the surface of the skin. They can be very small or larger and in clusters. They are thought to be hormonally induced but can appear at any age. Although they are usually asymptomatic, the reticular venous system, found deeper in the skin, can act as "feeder" veins for spiders and can often cause discomfort. Spider veins can be caused by injury and while not a direct cause, prolonged standing can make them worsen.


Facial veins are usually very fine red, threadlike structures seen on the face, especially around the nose and on the cheeks. They are often inherited or the result of sun and /or wind exposure. They can also be caused by blocked glands and heavy applications of makeup can actually increase the problem. These veins are without symptoms but are also cosmetically unappealing.

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Spider Veins
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